Myth: You Do NOT Need GAP insurance In The First Year.

New-for-old Promise

New-for-old cover with your motor insurance?

Despite wide-spread assurances to the contrary, which are negligently propogated by apparent consumer "experts": relying on new-for-old cover from your motor insurer and NOT having GAP insurance covering your brand new vehicle during your first year of ownership is a risky business and, something we caution against:

  • If you've financed your vehicle (particularly by way of a PCP agreement), there's a good chance you've entirely voided the new-for-old benefit under your motor insurance policy.
  • If you've leased your vehicle (e.g. personal contract hire), your vehicle wouldn't usually qualify for new-for-old cover from your motor insurer courtesy of the fact that your name doesn't appear on the V5 Registration document.
  • Your motor insurer may refuse to replace the vehicle new-for-old within the first year (in some cases for the most tedious of reasons) and revert to a Market Value settlement instead.
  • You can only buy GAP insurance from us within 3-months of taking delivery of the vehicle. Chances are you won't be eligible for Invoice or Replacement GAP insurance if you try to buy cover after a year of owning the vehicle.

Ultimately, going without GAP insurance in the first year could well involve you forfeiting having GAP insurance cover in later years and, given the potential benefit of GAP insurance usually increases with the passing of time, those later years could be when you need GAP insurance most! Why take the risk?

Which is why we have our: "New-for-old Promise":

If your motor insurer replaces your vehicle on a new-for-old basis during the term of your GAP insurance policy, we'll re-issue a whole new GAP insurance policy for your new vehicle, matching the full original duration of cover that you purchased, at no additional cost to you. E.g. if you buy 3-year cover and your motor insurer replaces the vehicle new-for-old when it's 11-months old, we'll re-issue a whole new 3-year GAP insurance policy for your new vehicle.

Note: This "New-for-old Promise" applies to all GAP insurance policies purchased on or since April 25th 2023.

For more information please review the Ts & Cs of our GAP insurance policies here, or generate a quote.

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