About GAPinsurance.co.uk

In late 2003, whilst working for a popular online Car Dealer, David (founder of GAPinsurance.co.uk) was tasked with creating a website from which they could sell GAP insurance to the customers who they sold cars to. Spotting a gap in the market (no pun intended) he soon set about forming his own company that would become the UK's first dedicated online provider of GAP insurance, from which the UK's car-buying public could buy GAP insurance regardless as to from where they'd bought their cars. He named that company "Surf and Protect" and in March 2004, SurfandProtect.com was born.

Shortly afterwards "GAPinsurance.co.uk" was set up as a trading style of Surf and Protect and the company grew from strength to strength until, in mid 2009, with the company well established as the largest online broker of GAP insurance of the time, he sold the business and emigrated to live in New Zealand, becoming a full-time stay-at-home Dad to his two (which soon became three) young boys, in the process.

Under the new management, without David's knowledge, expertise and guidance, Surf and Protect struggled. Culminating in the business ceasing to trade in late 2011. Recognising the opportunity before him, David re-acquired ownership of the business once more and immediately set about starting afresh.

Whilst based in New Zealand, he reached out to his friend; Andrew (owner of Frank Pickles (Insurance Brokers) Ltd - a family business with heritage stretching back to the 1950's when Andrew's Grandfather set up in business). David negotiated terms with the underwriters that would not only allow Frank Pickles (Insurance Brokers) to take over the day-to-day administration of all still-live policies that were originally purchased from Surf and Protect, but permit them to also begin selling GAP insurance policies of their own with GAPinsurance.co.uk as their trading style.

GAPinsurance.co.uk as we know it today formally relaunched in May 2012 with David acting as consultant. By late 2012 there was a pressing need for David to take on a more hands-on role and so, in December 2012 he and his family returned to the UK and together, David and Andrew set about developing GAPinsurance.co.uk proper.

Since then, GAPinsurance.co.uk has gone from strength to considerable strength, smashing all previous records year on year and demonstrating an almost unrivalled dedication to customer satisfaction through championing the consumer and making waves that the industry has had no choice but to sit up and pay attention to.

In 2015 David & Andrew decided that GAPinsurance.co.uk should be split from Frank Pickles (Insurance Brokers) in to a separate company in its own right and this came in to effect from August 1st 2016 when GAPinsurance.co.uk and all of its assets were acquired by "Pickles & Burns Ltd" - a company wholly owned by David & Andrew.

In late 2017 it was decided that we’d move the business from the offices in Otley to new premises in Holmfirth which would enable David to take an even greater hands-on role within the business.

We continue to provide fantastic levels of customer service and have the same burning desire to shake up the market with industry-leading developments the likes of which regularly leave our competitors in envy.

A new adventure now lies before us as we press on with plans to expand further on all fronts, with exciting new products on the way.

Join us on this adventure and become a customer today!

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