GAP insurance with Total Loss Courtesy Car cover (TLCc).

Total Loss Courtesy car

Total Loss Courtesy Car

If your vehicle is damaged in an accident, your motor insurance policy will normally provide you with a courtesy/hire car whilst the damage to your vehicle is being assessed.

If they determine that your vehicle is repairable, you would normally have the use of that courtesy car for the duration of the repairs.


If they decide that the damage to your vehicle is beyond repair and subsequently declare it a Total Loss (they write it off), you would then not normally be entitled to their courtesy car any longer (unless you've paid them an additional premium for such entitlement) and, it would be withdrawn: leaving you without the use of a vehicle.

Depending on how much longer they take to settle your claim, you might be without a vehicle for a number of days - or even weeks!

Building in Total Loss Courtesy Car cover (TLCc) to your GAP insurance policy with us, means that in the event your car is declared a Total Loss, we will provide you with a courtesy car for you to use for up to 28-days.

TLCc Cover Features:

The car provided:

  • Will be of a similar sized engine to Your vehicle that was deemed a Total Loss (limited to a maximum of a 2.0 litre manual car or equivalent)
  • Will be insured. Please note that an excess (normally £250) will apply to accidents/claims occuring during your use of the courtesy car. Exact terms will confirmed prior to you accepting delivery of it.
  • Will be able to be delivered to and collected from your home or place of work.

For more information please review the Ts & Cs of our GAP insurance policies here, or generate a quote.

If your car's written off, we'll keep you moving!

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Already got GAP insurance? Upgrade today!

If you bought your existing GAP insurance policy from us on/after April 1st 2021 and have more than 30-days of cover remaining until it expires, you can upgrade your GAP insurance policy to include TLCc. For more details, log in to view your existing policy details and follow the onscreen prompts or, give us a call on 01484 490095 to discuss further.