GAP insurance Facts: Unlimited Claim Limits

GAP insurance policy providers, with few exceptions, are usually limited to only being able to provide GAP insurance policies with an overall maximum claim limit of £25,000.

That's all well and good, but it's generally accepted that the average vehicle will depreciate by as much as 77% over a three year term;

To clarify, the "Claim Limit" is the most that the GAP insurance policy will pay towards:

  • the difference between your Motor Insurance payout and the original purchase price of the vehicle (Invoice GAP insurance), or
  • the difference between your Motor Insurance payout and the cost of replacing the vehicle with a brand new equivalent at the time of loss (Replacement GAP insurance)

So, if £25k is the largest Claim Limit that most GAP insurance providers are able to offer, is it not fair to say that if your vehicle cost you more than £32,467 (77% of £32,467 is £25k) it's at least possible that £25K will NOT cover the whole potential depreciation over three years?

That's where we step in.

We can offer the usual Claim Limits ranging from £5k to £25k, but we can also offer £50k and, in a UK online exclusive, we have the ability to provide you with UNLIMITED claim limits for for vehicles purchased for up to £100k!!

We can provide a maximum Claim Limit of £100k for vehicles bought for between £100k and £150k!

GAP insurance with an unlimited claim limit?

We don't mind if we do!

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