GAP insurance Policy Terms and Conditions

There are two documents for each type of GAP Insurance policy, the first being the "IPID" document (previously referred to as the "Policy Summary") which is a summary of the main features, benefits and exclusions of the policy.

The second document is the full policy Terms and Conditons. This document is exactly what you'd expect it to be and explains in considerable detail exactly what your GAP Insurance policy will and will not do, along with an explanation of how to claim and so on.

Whilst the first document makes for much easier reading and though it does allow you to somewhat easily compare our GAP Insurance policy to that of another provider, we do strongly recommend that you review both documents in detail and ask any questions that may arise, before purchasing our, or indeed any, GAP Insurance policy.

All links open in a new window. The links below are to PDF documents. You'll need Adobe Reader in order to view them. This is free software already installed on most machines/devices, however should you need to download and install it, please click here.

Invoice GAP insurance

Replacement GAP insurance

Contract Hire GAP insurance

Top-Up GAP insurance