Sale Extended to April 30th!

Gap Insurance Sale Extended until the end of April. Save up to 60%

Save up to 60%.

Following on from the recent improvements we made to our Gap Insurance policy terms and conditions, we were inundated with requests to extend our sale (providing Gap Insurance savings of up to 60%).

Apparently, it was unfair that we should introduce what are now arguably the best Invoice and Replacement Gap Insurance policies available in the UK only days before the end of our sale – particularly for those of you who aren’t entirely sure of the day in April on which you’ll be collecting your vehicle.

Who are we to argue with popular demand?

We’re pleased to announce that we have now extended our sale to midnight on April 30th.

There will however be no further extension to this sale – it has to come to an end at some point!  If you’re not collecting a vehicle until after the end of April, remember that you can buy Gap Insurance in advance of buying your vehicle and in the unlikely event that you do so but the car-purchase falls through before you take delivery, we’ll cancel your policy and give you your money back!

Save up to 60% and get probably the best Invoice or Replacement Gap Insurance policy around?

Don’t miss out – get a Gap Insurance quote today!