March 2013: Newsletter

Gap Insurance Sale Extended to March 31st.

Save 20% to 60% on Gap Insurance this MarchTomorrow and in the coming weeks, some of you will be lucky enough to be getting a brand new car and for those of you that are, we hope you’re ready for being asked to purchase a whole range of additional products and services that the salesperson will do their utmost to convince you that you need.

We all know that March is a busy time for Car Dealer’s so why not save the Salesperson a little of their time and effort and tell them they don’t need to discuss Gap Insurance with you because you’ve already bought it from us?

There’s never been a better time to do so because due to unprecedented demand, our “Really Big Sale”, with savings of between 20% and 60% has now been extended until the end of March.

And that’s not all…

Until the end of March if you Like us on Facebook after buying a Gap Insurance policy from us, we’ll give you back £5!

Grab a Gap Insurance bargain before the end of March! 

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Replacement Gap Insurance: Ideal For Brand New Cars.

Unlikely to be available from your Motor Dealer, Replacement Gap Insurance for a Brand New vehicle is the highest level of Gap Insurance cover available.

Covering the difference between your Motor Insurance payout and the equivalent cost of replacing the vehicle with a new one – even if the new vehicle costs more than you originally paid – you’d expect the premium to be vastly higher than a standard Invoice Gap Insurance policy and you’d be wrong!

In almost all cases we can supply you with a Replacement Gap Insurance policy, for less than the dealer will charge you for Invoice Gap Insurance.

Protect the value in your car today!

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70% Depreciation On A Fiesta

Fiesta hit by 70% depreciation

70% Depreciation On A Fiesta

As discussed in last month’s email, we’re now publishing details of the claims on our Gap Insurance policies.  Last month we featured a Vauxhall Insignia that lost 61.15% over the 36 months it was owned.

Today, we’re looking at a Ford Fiesta

Purchased: June 2009
Invoice Price: £13,100.00
Gap Insurance Claim: December 2012
Gap Insurance Payout: £9,072

Owned for 42 months, this Fiesta lost an average of £216 per month to an eyebrow-raising total of £9,072, or putting it another way, it lost 69.25% of its original purchase price.

Compare the £9,072 payout with the £272.30 the policy was bought for and it’s a pretty conclusive argument against those that claim Gap Insurance is a waste of money.

What’s more, the same policy today is considerably cheaper:

  • Type: Replacement Gap Insurance
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Claim Limit: £10,000
  • Vehicle Invoice Price: £13,100
  • Policy Price Today£122.02

See other Replacement Gap Insurance Claim Details here.

Don’t suffer the depreciation loss alone.

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Thank you for reading this email and if you do need assistance with Gap Insurance, please do get in touch.

Until next time!

From all the team

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