Total Loss Courtesy Car cover (TLCc)

Announcing: GAP insurance with extra TLC c

Would you be able to manage without your pride and joy if it was stolen or written off? Maybe for a few days, perhaps, but could you cope for longer than that and how can GAP insurance help?

If your car is involved in an incident, it’s likely (though not certain) that your motor insurer would provide you with a courtesy car whilst they’re deciding how to handle your claim. What you may not know, though, is that should they deem your vehicle to be a “Total Loss” (aka a write-off), your motor insurer will likely take their courtesy car back.

This could however be days – potentially weeks – before your claim is settled and/or you’re back mobile again in an alternative vehicle.

Total Loss Courtesy Car cover (TLCc)Total Loss Courtesy Car cover (TLCc)

Add our NEW “Total Loss Courtesy Car” cover (TLCc) to your GAP insurance policy with us and, in the event of a Total Loss claim, we’ll provide you with a temporary replacement vehicle for you to use for up to 28 days: keeping you moving with minimal disruption!

What’s more, subject to minimal eligibility requirements, TLCc can be added to currently-live GAP insurance policies retrospectively, too!

Cover Features:

The courtesy car provided will:

  • have a similar-sized engine to your write-off (limited to a maximum of a 2-litre manual car or equivalent);
  • be insured (an excess – normally £250 – will apply to accidents/claims occurring during your use of the courtesy car). Exact terms will be confirmed prior to your accepting delivery;
  • be delivered to, and collected from, your home or place of work.

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