Leadership recognition

As our customers well know, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service before anything else and have made it our mission to improve the industry by campaigning for better policies and making underhand tactics used by others in the business known to customers. The result is that customers become empowered to make informed decisions that are right for them whilst saving hundreds of pounds in the process.

It’s this discourse that has helped us grow year on year, build an exceptional reputation and gain notoriety within the industry. 

Such notoriety has attracted attention from outside organisations, recently resulting in David being approached by The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in recognition of his contribution to the industry where he was asked to take part in a podcast detailing his thoughts on successful leadership. The podcast sits amongst interviews with other notable leaders across various industries and political leaders such as David Blunkett. 

During his interview, David used the platform to reiterate his ethos and help educate listeners to be confident in choosing the right GAP insurance policy for their needs whilst being mindful of suitable providers.

Jonathan White, podcast hot, commented, ‘Hosting a show like this, where you speak to genuine leaders who have been there and done it, either on a national stage or within a crucial industry sector, is an absolute honour.’

You can listen to the whole interview below:

Or you can listen on Spotify here (a Spotify account is required to access this recording)

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