Would You Help Someone To Drink Drive?

Hidden camera reveals 3 in 4 Britons would help a ‘drunk driver’ to get into their car to drive!

A recent social experiment carried out by Midrive tested how many people would stop a ‘drunk driver’ and whether the gender of the driver had any impact. Rhiannon and Luke were sprayed with alcohol. They acted drunk and asked people for help getting into their car in four locations across the UK: Birmingham, Cardiff, Nottingham and Bristol.

The results were crazy!

Midrive’s hidden camera revealed that 3 in 4 Britons would help a ‘drunk driver’ to get into their car to drive.

But who do you think they were most likely to help? The male driver or the female?

Shockingly, they found that passersby were 29% more likely to help a woman drink drive than a man. 85% of passersby helped Rhiannon drink drive, compared to the 65% that helped Luke.

Watch the video to see exactly what happened!

Taking a stand against drink driving

5 people are killed every day on Britain’s roads.

Midrive wanted to highlight just how important it is to stop somebody from driving after a drink, even if it’s a stranger.

If it is safe to do so, you could talk to the driver directly – particularly if they are a friend. However, always be cautious when approaching strangers as they could become abusive.

If in any doubt, please call 999 as the incident may need urgent police action. For more information on reporting a drunk driver, head over to Drinkaware.

Yes, you may not need to worry about drink driving penalties, and you might feel as if you shouldn’t interfere. But you could well save a life.